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Level 1 : WHAT WE DO : QUICK REF..

Small group England tours; literary tours & history tours are our speciality. We do general fun vacation, small group Ireland, Wales Scotland tours too. Group size is just 12-19 Guests on all tours. We do NOT sell optional extra side-trips during our tours. We INCLUDE so much in our tour prices that it is EZ•2•Budget to spend less than $30 per day during the tour & that INCLUDES London [Excludes souvenir purchases.]

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Level 2 : HOW WE TRAVEL.

We do NOT use small, cramped, low-level, 16-18 seat minibuses aka mini-coaches which is the usual type of transport for small group tours. We tour :

  1. In spacious & higher [See much more & further.] MIDI-Coaches with 22-37 seats targeting at least 50% more seats than Guests each tour so much more S-P-A-C-E.
  2. By Inter-City Express trains in 1st class seating for most long journeys so our Guests arrive refreshed & ready for action at the next exciting destination.

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Level 3 : WHERE & HOW WE STAY.

We use sound budget/economy hotels. Premier Inn is our style. About 90% of our hotels are downtown & multi-night stays so you are not constantly unpacking/packing suitcases & it is easy to explore. Typical boring tour dining is not our style & Premier Inn allow us to dine individually. 

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Spring Tours :

‘Ladies in London’ Tour. [Tour Ref. LIL]. 9 Days/8 Nights [All nights same hotel in London.] April [After Easter]. No guys allowed! ‘Shopping, fun & learning.’ INCLUDES 3 express train with coach days out from London. No unpacking/packing suitcases during the tour. This tour is in conjunction with ‘Garment Gal‘ of Loveland CO & Colorado Springs CO, USA. 

‘Money & Misery’ Literary Tour. [Tour Ref. MAM]. Covers England [North] rural & industrial areas, the Lake District & London. This will be part of our new [For 2015] ‘Literary Trilogy Tours’, the other 2 being England [Midlands & East] & England [South & South West]. It is jam-packed with around 65 prepaid features in the tour price & local experts on the various writers.

Other tours for 2015 will be announced.

Any questions? Email me direct :

Gregg & Pamela,
Jolly Good Tours LLC. Colorado, USA & Cornwall, England.







[Quick Contact : 970-776-9963]


We are very friendly towards Travel Agents. In fact it is almost a love affair! We are a Travel Agent ourselves. Please email Pam with your ID for further details. []

Quick Links – Find Out More.

Click on the links below to find out more about the various aspects of our tours that makes us just a bit different. The ‘Travel by train in 1st class.’ includes some valuable tips for indie travellers.

London 50% Off!

We will be expanding this scheme to more venues including theatres. 63% off Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap‘! Check individual tours for the applicable info..

More exciting stuff in the pipeline!

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We love literature, history & ancient pubs. Step in the George Inn in Southwark just south of the River Thames & you have all three + a lot more. This is a pub that is owned by the National Trust simply because it is one of the oldest pubs in England. It was in the adjacent Tabard Inn [Now sadly no longer with us.] & in the surrounding yard that Geoffrey Chaucer convened his pilgrims for the trek to Canterbury thus giving us the Canterbury Tales. This is one of the pubs in London that we visit for dinner or lunch. Hardly any overseas visitors on guided coach tours get to it because it is ‘south of the river’. Our Guests get FREE travel on the London Tube system throughout their stay making it so easy to get to the ancient George.


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