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Coming soon : We will have online preliminary details about our early DecemberGreat value small group England literary tours. www.jollygoodtours.com ‘pre-Christmas Festivities Tour’ to include a traditional British Pantomime, an ancient Cathedral carol service, Christmas markets & London.

We like ‘easy’ tours. In a complicated world we like ‘easy’ anything. We like ‘easy’ websites too. My pet hate is ‘Newsletter Signups’. You can rarely find them amongst all the superfluous techie stuff so on our website you will find a ‘NEWSLETTER SIGNUP‘ on most pages & in the menu bar.

An ‘easy’ tour doesn’t mean ‘boring’. Far from it. Our easy small group Ireland tours & England tours with a max. of 16 Tour Buddies embrace literary, history, Harry Potter & general touring. They are fun, very informative & packed with included highlights. You can fly in from anywhere in the world to join our tours at the arrival airport but they are designed for English speaking people. More details on our tours can be accessed via the ‘Honesty‘ link in the next column. →

We do NOT use a small minibus [Aka mini-coach.] for touring. These usually have 17 seats often packed with 17 people. We use larger midi-coaches, anything from 22 to 32 seats. So you get more space with just 16 Tour Buddies on-board & most midi-coaches have higher panoramic windows allowing you to see more than from a minibus. Many of our longer journeys are by train in 1st class seats.

If you have any questions email me direct : gregg@jollygoodtours.com

Gregg & Pamela,
Jolly Good Tours LLC. Colorado, USA & Cornwall, England.





How To Use & Notes About Our Website

Easy :  Absolutely no extra side-trip selling during our tours.

Easy :  Breakfast & dinner or lunch included every day.

Easy :  Centrally located hotels.

Easy :  Airport transfers in Ireland & Great Britain included for everyone.

Easy : Our famous T-shirt Rebate.

Easy : London. 50% off theatre tickets & major attractions. An expensive city? Not on our tours.

Easy : Small group touring style. Compare our tour prices.

EasyMore time & more space.

Easy : Hub tours = No unpacking & packing suitcases every night. That’s not just easy it is bliss!

Easy : We show the estimated daily driving miles & time spent on the coach + arrival time at the end of day destination. This makes it easy to decide if the tour is leisurely enough for you.

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