UK, Ireland & England Guided Tours, Small Groups : Literary, History, Movie/TV prog. Locations.

by Pamela & Gregg

 Higher & More Spacious Tour Coaches  1st Class Rail  Less Highway Driving  More Time @ Visits

Our website is currently being updated with our autumn tours. Previously published 2016 tours are sold out. 

OUR FIRST PUBLISHED “9 Day Wander” Tour.

TOUR DATES : Saturday October 8th on arrival @ London Heathrow Airport to departure @ your terminal, London HeathrowEngland Tours Small Groups Literary Airport on Sunday October 16th 2016.

Why these dates? PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE tours @ Windsor Castle, when it is closed to the public, are limited to a few autumn/winter dates. Early October, of all the dates available, will in theory have the best weather in southern England [LOL]. In addition, our working American & Canadian Guests can fly after work on Friday Oct. 7th to arrive London Heathrow on Saturday Oct. 8th [Overnight flight.]. By flying back on Sunday Oct. 16th Guests arrive back home the same day so having just 5 days off work. Additionally this tour runs over ‘Columbus Day’ so some of our valued American Guests may only use up 4 days of their vacation time!

This exciting tour is jam-packed with over 40 [Forty] prepaid INCLUDED features in 9 days! Look at 2 of the major highlights …..

Only about 2,400 people from planet Earth get to do this every year …..

A PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE morning tour of Her Majesty’s Windsor Castle ancient kitchens.

Only about 1,400 people from planet Earth get to do this every year …..

A PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE evening tour of Her Majesty’s Windsor Castle State Apartments when the Castle is closed to the public. This is a ‘behind the ropes’ visit, going where the general public are not permitted to go.



  • NO EXTRA SIDE-TRIP SALES on our tours means our Guests enjoy much more time at historic visits than most tours as we don’t rush throughEngland Tours Small Group Guided Literary the day to fit in extra side-trips. More info.
  • SPACIOUS & HIGHER MIDI-COACHES means more room than touring in small, low-level minibuses/mini-coaches + higher windows mean better viewsMore info.
  • LESS HIGHWAY DRIVING as we often use trains in 1st class with for longer trips. This is more convenient for our Guests with easy access to restrooms. More info.
  • DOWNTOWN HOTELS are our focus; Guests get more time to explore & meet the locals. Scary! Premier Inn’s ‘FLEXI’ dining makes exploring easier.  More info.
  • MAX. 18 GUESTS per tour means our Guests enjoy a more personal experience, don’t feel herded & can enjoy better interaction with the many in-house/local experts we use. More info.
  • HUB STYLE TOURING is easier for our Guests as it means less un/packing & makes for more leisurely days out with more time at historic visits. More info.
  • EZ-2-BUDGET means our Guests can easily calculate their on-tour expenses in advance as we INCLUDE so much in our tour prices. More info.
  • MAIN MEAL INCLUDED DAILY makes it easier for our Guests as they don’t have to ‘find food’. This gives more time to enjoy & absorb history etc.. More info.
  • ULTRA-COMPETITIVE TOUR PRICES that are jam-packed with exciting prepaid INCLUDED features. More info.

We look forward to seeing you for lots of fun, history & literature, plenty of food & drink but not necessarily in that order.

Pamela & Gregg