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[Spring & summer 2016 tours are sold out.]

[Jargon/Abbreviations Explained.]


  • MARCH 2016 SURVEY SURPRISE : Well, “We’ll go to the top of our stairs.” [Means we are totally amazed.].
  • SURVEY QUESTION : We asked subscribers to our mailing list who have never taken a tour with us one simple question : Why?
  • RESULT 1 : We expected this since we only do around 6 tours per year, “JGT hasn’t, so far, had a tour that fits our wishlist”. Fair enough.
  • RESULT 2 : We didn’t expect this! A staggering 87% of respondents are apprehensive about taking a tour where the touring coach doesn’t have a restroom. So why didn’t we expect this?
    • ‘Small group’ tours are usually conducted in small, cramped 15-18 seat minibuses which just don’t have restrooms. We can’t think of any ‘small group’ tour operators that have restrooms in minibuses.
    • We don’t use minibuses for touring days. We use larger, more spacious MIDI-Coaches, some of which do have restrooms but not all.
    • 2 hours without a stop is a rarity for us as most of our longer sectors are by train in 1st class where there are lots of restrooms.
    • Additionally our practice, wherever possible, is to call into a motorway service station for a potty break a few minutes prior to arriving in a city. EG. Oxford to Bath.
    • So as ‘small group’ tour operators go, on touring days, we believe that we have more access to restrooms than any other ‘small group’ tour operator. However that appears not to be good enough!
  • TIME THEN, TO TAKE ACTION! : Touring coaches with restrooms usually do not have less than 37+ seats with 42+ seats being the norm. So ….
  • It is clearly not practical to have a group size of 14 in a 42 seater coach.
  • So what is practical? 17 Guests makes economic sense & still retains the ‘small group’ label especially when compared to tour operators claiming that 24 or even 36 travellers is a ‘small group’.
  • This also means that generally we can keep to our preference for a spacious ‘2 seats per Guest’ on most touring days.
  • Having an on-board restroom virtually† every touring day means that our Guests can have that extra cup of coffee with brekkie without worrying.
  • There are some touring days when it is just not necessary to have a ‘big bus’ like DAY 3 on our ‘Royal Windsor & Jane Austen Experience’ tour when we only travel 19 miles in total.
  • So WEF our ‘Royal Windsor & Jane Austen Experience’ tour in October 2016 our maximum # of Guests per tour will be 17 & our touring coaches will be equipped with restrooms on about 90% of touring days.
  • Naturally we cannot change spring & summer 2016 tours that are already sold out.

Small Group England Tours literary Conan Doyle du Maurier Agatha Christie

The George Inn, Southwark, London is adjacent to where the pilgrims convened at the Tabard Inn in Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’.  The pilgrims ‘contested’ an en-route [To Canterbury.] ‘literary competition’ to pass the time. The winner would enjoy a a free dinner at the Tabard Inn on returning to Southwark. You can’t have a free dinner at the Tabard Inn ‘cos it ain’t there no more’ but the George Inn is & it is one of the oldest pubs in England. We love pub dining in Ireland & Gt. Britain. Sometimes in London we have an INCLUDED dinner at the George Inn, just like a pilgrim.

Below are some of our archive images/logos for historical SEO/tags reference only.

England tours small groups literary Charles Dickens history


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                                                    by Pamela & Gregg

GREAT NEWS AS A RESULT OF OUR MARCH SURVEY [See right-hand columnEngland tours Small Group literary Jane Austen Charles Dickens >] :

  1. 10% price reduction for our October ‘Royal Windsor & Jane Austen Experience‘ tour. This means that the US$ tour price is now under $300 per person per day sharing a double room & the tour still INCLUDES over 40 prepaid features in just 9 days.
  2. Single rooms are now available for our ‘Royal Windsor & Jane Austen Experience’ tour @ only 15% supplement. We are hoping to keep this low supplement as a feature from then onwards.
  3. Restrooms will feature on about 90% of touring days in our coaches. [Was around 15%.] This will commence with the ‘Royal Windsor & Jane Austen Experience’ tour. This won’t change our practice of using trains in 1st class with lots of restrooms & stopping for regular off-coach potty breaks.

TOURS FOR EARLY 2017 [Preliminary info..]

SCHOOLS SPRING BREAK” [Covers all 3 separate known US & Canadian Spring Break Weeks.] :

  • A literary, history & TV/Movie locations 7 days/6 nights experience in England aimed at students studying history & literature. It is extremely unlikely that this tour will appeal to nerdy/geeky type students. This tour will be jam-packed with relevant visits & features. Currently listed [More to be added.] :
    • Oxford University featuring King Arthur, Amy Robsart & Harry Potter.
    • Stratford-upon-Avon featuring ….. What the heck is that chap’s name who wrote or didn’t write all those plays, who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon but probably wasn’t & who is buried in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon but very likely isn’t? It’s all very confusing.
    • Yorkshire featuring a walking tour in the medieval microcosm of English history, the City of York, stunning York Minster tour, wild windswept moors & the Brontë Parsonage. Let’s hope for rain lashing down & gale force winds for the best experience.
    • London featuring Benjamin Franklin, FREE travel within London throughout the week, a River Thames experience, a full day’s extensive London ‘Tube/Walking’ tour & much more.
    • None of the aforementioned characters will appear in person of course.
    • Based London all week so no suitcase unpacking/packing, 5 x 1st class rail trips + 3 coach touring features.
    • IMPORTANT : Any students travelling with their grandma MUST keep their grandma under control at all times.
    • Loads of fun & lots of learning. You will be totally gobsmacked!
    • This tour is being constructed during May/June 2016 so for more info. best to sign up for our newsletter.


  • A 7 days/6 nights touring experience based in London scheduled for early April 2017.
  • There will be at least one full day out from London by train in 1st class seating.
  • This tour will focus on shopping, literature & history. We do NOT mean Harrods & its ilk although you can go there if you wish. The emphasis will be on consignment, London’s famous markets & ‘Vintage Markets’ etc..
  • Hotel accomm. for this tour will be single rooms. If any ladies wish to share this MAY be possible at a discounted price.
  • This tour is for ladies only but the ground crew maybe male, female or something in between.
  • INCLUDED throughout the week will be FREE travel in London using the Tube, red buses & Docklands Light Railway. 
  • INCLUDED events planned so far are a visit to the ‘jawdropping’ ancient London Silver Vaults with a ‘no-fee’ prize draw & a dress up champagne ‘High Tea’ at ‘Her Majesty’s’ 300 years old Fortnum & Mason’s grocery store in Piccadilly to be taken in the ‘Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.’
  • The total number of prepaid INCLUDED features will be over 35 in 7 days.
  • This tour is being constructed during May/June 2016 so for more info. best to sign up for our newsletter.


  • A ‘9 Day Wander’ Tour – Start : Saturday 13th May 2017. More info..

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR STYLE OF TOURING.Small Group England tours literary Dickens Bronte Austen

  • NO EXTRA SIDE-TRIP SALES on our tours means our Guests enjoy much more time at iconic historic & literary visits during the day because we don’t have to rush through the day’s itinerary to fit them in. More info.
  • SPACIOUS, HIGHER MIDI-COACHES+ means more room than touring in small, cramped, low-level minibuses/mini-coaches. Plus you can see over more of the 350,000 miles of high hedgerows in England & Wales. More info.
  • LESS HIGHWAY DRIVING as we often use trains in 1st class for longer trips which in turn allows us more time for local country roads/lanes touring which is much more relaxing & interesting. More info.
  • ‘T-SHIRT REBATE’ stands for ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’. Example : If a Guest has been in the Roman Baths in Bath before & doesn’t want to go in again, provided we know in advance we can rebate the admission cost after the tour. In addition to not wasting money it means the Guest can spend time enjoying other aspects of Bath. Each tour is different so there is no link for this.  
  • DOWNTOWN HOTELS or feature location are our focus; Guests get more time to explore & meet the locals. Scary! Premier Inn’s ‘FLEXI’ dining makes exploring easier especially in London.  More info.
  • MAX. 17 GUESTS per tour means our Guests enjoy a more personal experience & can enjoy better interaction with the many in-house/local experts we use. It also means very often 2 seats each Guest on the touring coach. More info.
  • HUB STYLE TOURING is easier for our Guests as it means less un/packing & makes for more leisurely days out with more time at historic visits. More info.
  • EZ-2-BUDGET means our Guests can easily calculate their on-tour expenses in advance as we INCLUDE so much in our tour prices. More info.
  • “9 DAY WANDER” TOURS are designed for working US & Canadian Guests. Fly Friday night & back home the following Sunday week makes a 9 day tour but with possibly only 5 days off vacation allowance or even just 4 days off over public holidays. More info.
  • MAIN MEAL INCLUDED DAILY makes it easier for our Guests as they don’t have to ‘find food’. This gives more time to enjoy & absorb history etc.. More info.
  • ULTRA-COMPETITIVE TOUR PRICES that give you lots of exciting prepaid INCLUDED features. More info.

We look forward to seeing you for lots of fun, history & literature, plenty of food & drink but not necessarily in that order.

Pamela & Gregg

Below are some of our archive images/logos for historical SEO/tags reference only.

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