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Tube_FREE_Travel_500which is online but is still being constructed during August 2015. This is the home of Ireland & Great Britain history, literary & fun small group touring experiences for 2016. During late August/early September 2015 we will be adding our tour information for spring & early summer 2016 plus updating all the admin. stuff so expect lots of progressive changes during this time. While you are here does your touring wishlist match our leisurely style? Check below ……

You see, but you do not observe [Watson] …..

Sherlock Holmes admonishes Dr. Watson in “A Scandal in Bohemia” for not knowing how many steps are in the staircase at 221b Baker St. in spite of ascending/descending them hundreds of times. This Holmes’ quip describes most European coach tours where tourists, oftenVirgin_Pendolino_Manchester_Caption numbering 40 to 50 [Or more!] in a tour bus, are so rushed around that they ‘see but do not experience’.

Our tours are ‘Touring Experiences’ where our valued Guests [Not tourists.] can enjoy a max. of 18 travelers in the group. ‘Small group tours’ usually mean cramped 16-18 seat minibuses/mini-coaches but we love modern, larger, higher & more spacious MIDI-Coaches offering our Guests plenty of spare seats & better views. Many of our longer journeys, like London Paddington to Poldark/Doc Martin’s Cornwall are by relaxing express trains in 1st class offering FREE refreshments & FREE wifi..

Our passion is for ‘MORE TIME’ so our style of touring allows more in-depth, leisurely visits often with private in-house guides in historic houses. Our focus on centrally located hotels gives our Guests much more of a chance to meet the locals too.

Stacy's 37 Seat + CaptionWe like our Guests to only think about absorbing the history, understanding the literature & having fun which is why virtually everything is INCLUDED in our tour prices from arrival transfers to departure transfers. This saves you worrying about where to find dinner & can you afford it. In fact we are with you all the way from start to finish.

Can you afford our tours? Because we include just about everything during the tour [We do NOT sell extra side-trips on our tours.] it is EZ-2-Budget for our valued Guests to spend under US$30 per day [+Souvenirs] & that includes London! So watch this space for new tour info. & ……………….

Look • Learn • Laugh • Love it!

With Pamela & Gregg.